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Stephen Baxter Stepping into the 21st Century

Stephen has not always lived an easy life, he has spent many years of nomadic life, after years in the military.

Since coming on board with Community Gateway, Stephen is being mentored to access the modern ways of the internet.

Stephen had very limited knowledge of what to do with a laptop or at least even know how to turn it on. But, after a few simple lessons and some pages of note taking he was on his way of ‘Stepping into the 21st Century’.

Since learning how to use a laptop, it has broken the boredom of day-to-day, providing great interest in researching phantom comics and collectables and old gold towns.

Stephen participating in Gateway Services mentoring program has also improved his general knowledge and has enabled him to access online shopping, music and movies on his smart TV.

Stephen has also gained more control of matters of money by using internet banking.

Stephen has further goals to increase his development and confidence around using his laptop where he would like to chat with international people, and many more things as time goes.

So, the journey with Stephen Stepping in the 21st Century continues.


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