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In - Clinic Services

Physiotherapists are AHPRA registered, tertiary qualified health professionals who are experts in the neuromusculoskeletal system and human movement. They can work with a broad range of people from children to elderly, disability, chronic disease, and sports people.


At the Community Gateway allied health hub, our physiotherapists provide assessments, diagnosis, prognosis, plans and management for:

  • Acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries

  • Chronic health conditions

  • Neurological conditions

  • Movement impairments

  • Prehab and rehab

  • Chronic pain management

  • Falls, balance, and mobility

  • Post hospital rehabilitation

  • Return to work

  • Goal setting and lifestyle intervention


Our physiotherapy clinic provides access to brand-new equipment in a brand-new facility. Assessment and ongoing intervention conducted in the clinic includes but is not limited to:

  • A comprehensive initial assessment establishing your needs and goals.

  • Addressing factors which may be limiting your quality of life.

  • Assessing falls risks and addressing the causing factors to reduce your risk of falls.

  • Providing hands on treatment to relieve your pain and increase your movement.

  • The use of electrophysical modalities to reduce your pain and increase your movement.

  • Establishing an ongoing program designed to empower you to ultimately self-manage your own chronic health condition. 

Functional Education:

All interventions include elements of education on mobility, safe movement/manual handling, falls prevention and other relevant methods of self-empowerment.

In - Clinic Services

Dietitians understand how nutrition affects the body and use this knowledge when treating you. Using the latest scientific information, dietitians partner with you to develop a personal plan to meet your needs.​


Our in-clinic dietitian services are designed to be more specialised, providing tailored advice to assist your condition or nutritional concerns.

Dietitians within the clinic will be able to conduct clinical assessments regarding several chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, weight management and many more.

In the clinic the dietitian will gather anthropometric data and conduct a detailed food dairy assessment and then establish measurable goals that you and the dietitian will work towards with the aim of improving your overall health, associated symptoms and nutritional status.

Dietitians treat a range of health conditions through expert nutrition and dietary advice. Dietitians can assist with:

  • Weight loss

  • Weight management/stability

  • Diabetes - Type 1, Type 2 and gestational. 

  • Nutritional deficiencies 

  • Women’s health

  • Eating disorders e.g. bulimia, anorexia, binge eating

  • Gastrointestinal e.g. IBD, IBS

  • Textured modified diets.

  • Enteral feeding e.g. PEG tubes, Nasogastric tubes

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Kidney disease​

Exercise Physiology
In - Clinic Services

An Exercise Physiologist (EP) is a University Qualified allied health professional who:

  • Promotes wellbeing and optimal living

  • Specialises in clinical exercise interventions for people with a broad range of health issues

  • Prevents, manages or treats acute, sub-acute, and chronic disease or injury

  • Assists in restoring optimal physical function, health and wellness

  • Include health and physical activity education, advise, support and lifestyle modification


Our in-clinic exercise physiology program builds on our home-based treatment services to further your health and wellbeing. With access to added equipment and a space to perform functional movement, your health and wellbeing is in safe hands at the Community Gateway allied health hub.

Exercise physiology programs can be beneficial to all individuals looking to improve their health or address an existing health concern.

Exercise Physiologists can assist with:

  • Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, and Metabolic disease

  • Neurological diseases

  • Musculoskeletal concerns

  • Depression and other mental health conditions

  • Cancer

  • Delaying frailty & functional decline

  • Reducing falls risk

  • Advice on lifestyle modification to improve health status

  • Exercise prescriptions for strength and function improvement pre- and post-surgery 

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To find out more and speak to one of our friendly team members, call us on 1300 306 939.

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