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Health and Wellbeing Update-Gateway Life

Building transformation

The internal building has transformed over the last few weeks with wall frames and gyprock defining the spaces. This has allowed you to imagine the space and sizing for the café, meeting room and consult rooms thus creating a sense of anticipation and eagerness to open.

The team have been working with the Community Gateway’s ICE team and Rodin to determine the required systems, equipment, when to order and how the NBN service works. This process has not been simple, IT systems are complex and how they all integrate to work together has been challenging.

We have also been developing the café operating model in which the team have tasted and selected the coffee blends. Also, the office staff in Wollongong have assisted in tasting of the sandwiches and wraps that we will be selling. There was great feedback, with a decision to swap out a few items and replace. I really do appreciate your help!

Yesterday, I was lucky to visit Technogym’s storage location to see all the gym equipment on order. To be honest, all the equipment was stored in big boxes, and I couldn’t see much but it was exciting to see that we are so close for installation with it being only a few weeks away.

Below are some images of the site, but the build is moving so fast that these are a little behind.

What is the BioCircuit?

One of the key points of difference that Gateway Life will offer is Technogym’s ‘BioCircuit’. The BioCircuit offers state of the art integration of technology and exercise equipment all wrapped up in a wellness software platform.

The Biocircuit training programs have been developed to get the best possible results more efficiently. We design the exercises, workloads, pace, and rest times to deliver personalised training programs for every type of user.

So, whether you are a beginner to exercise or after an advance power training program the BioCircuit is for any one of any age group. This will ensure Gateway Life is the state-of-the-art allied health and gym destination in Wollongong.

To help describe the BioCircuit, Technogym have supplied vision of Edith Cowan University (WA), Exercise Medicine Research Institute’s, BioCircuit program. Dr Robert Newton’s research focuses on Exercise as medicine with a specific focus on cancer and the management of cancer with exercise.

Click on the video link below to find out more information on the benefits of the BioCircuit equipment. Gateway Life will be looking to replicate the benefits of using this technology within our pillars of Learn, Restore, Build, Connect.

Recruitment Update

The Gateway Life team will continue our recruitment drive with several key positions yet to be recruited. We are re-working the Customer Experience and Admin Team Leader, this role will oversee the gym sales and retention, administration functions, and will grow several team members to help support Gateway Life operations.

We are actively recruiting Personal trainers and continue to be on the lookout for allied health positions. If you are interested in one of these positions, send me an email on or check out the Community Gateway careers page Positions Vacant | Community Gateway

This week we welcome our new Exercise Physiologist (EP) Trini Valenzuela to the team. Trini is a postdoctoral researcher from Sydney Uni, whereby she is currently the primary investigator of a study in a RACF that combines strength training, diet, and medication management. Trini has a wealth of knowledge on the impact of strength training on the treatment, management, and prevention of chronic disease. Please help welcome Trini to the team.

The Allied Health team is growing and have availability for new referrals to complete clinic-based appointments in the Wollongong Hub or home visits in the Wollongong/ Shoalhaven area whilst we wait for Gateway Life to open.

Our allied health services are also available via telehealth. To refer to our team click here

Nathan Hall

GM Health and Wellbeing


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